The purpose of Women Ministry is to enhance the efforts of Christian women and organizations; whose calling is to evangelize, build-up, and mobilize women in the Church for the sake of the Gospel. There must be statement of purpose, goals and values of the women’s ministry.

They will engage in various activities promoting social & cultural heritage among the members and non members of the church, interacting with the community where they reside, such as seminar, revival, conference etc.

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Motto: Evangelism Is The Pillar Of Christianity
I am speaking the truth in Christ—I am not lying;
my conscience confirms it by the Holy Spirit Roman 9:1

We are a non-profit, non-denominational, multi-cultural evangelism church established to minister to the needs of individuals imparting wisdom, knowledge and understanding by preaching the Word of God.
We are delighted that you have visited our site.

As God has used our ministry to touch many individuals, we pray that you will find this site uplifting, encouraging and a source of information that will help God's people to grow and prosper in the things of God.

It is our desire to impart blessings and spiritual growth to all individuals. Our passion is reaching out to our communities through evangelism. To show the agape love our Lord and Savior commissions us to in His Word. To go and preach the gospel to all that are oppressed. To encourage growth that will only come through His divine power.

Our mission to save souls, heal, deliver and set free. Evangelise to individuals to different ways that will change their lives for better.
We promise by joining us, you will experience life changing results. Our evangelism methods and workshop presentations, teaching, mentoring and encouragement practices will help you grow both personally and spiritually. We invite you to contact us for further information.

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